I got heavily involved with TJEd, or Thomas Jefferson Education, over six years ago after I moved to Layton, UT. About then is when my oldest started  a commonwealth school.  That's the model of a scholar phase school  that Tiffany Earl of Leadership Education Mentoring Institute created. (I think it's funny that not all schools are for scholar phase, but that's the truth of the matter.)  I also bought the TJEd planner for him. It is not the traditional planner though, and it didn't come with instructions. I have been wondering how to use it ever since!  I ended up getting a different planner for my son and then, happily for him, he graduated to using an electronic device, which he loves. I still think the TJEd planner is good, I just didn't know how to use it.

Tiffany Earl, the creator of the planner,  just did a webinar to teach people about it, with her good friend Aneladee Milne as the presenter. I am excited to finally learn how to use it.  Here is the link to watch the webinar http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/617389-adult-leadership-webinar-o..., when you get there scroll through the options and pick the Feb. 11, 2012 one. 

I think it would be really cool to start over and use one of these so that all of my lecture notes are indexed. Right now they are scattered through about a dozen notebooks. Maybe in my next life I will index them, but for now I can get my kids started on a more organized scholarly foot.

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